Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I will be going to Eretz Yisrael the day after tomorrow for about 10 days. I will be back August 12. I am not planning to post during this time unless an irrepressible inspiration comes over me.

I take this occasion to thank the readers. I hope I have given some of you food for thought.
I especially thank those who commented and helped me clarify my thoughts.


  1. I was meant to be in Israel by that time but I might be arriving on the 12th because of delays out of my direct control.

    Would of to of seen your example on how to behave!

    I feel depressed.

  2. Nesiah Tova. Enjoy your trip, we'll all be looking forward to your return!

  3. Return? Please stay! It is unfair on the Israelis to leave.

  4. Have a great trip, and be sure to bring back jars of air for us to breathe so that we get instantaneous Olam ha'Ba!

  5. Matt... isn't that a great misunderstanding?

    Either way... the air is toxic here... I suggest bottling pure air when ever you can find it. (Toxic air is part of the reason why I am delayed.)