Monday, March 12, 2007

A Monopoly on Truth

I came across this article in Ha’aretz which is quite interesting in itself though living in Galut I do not feel I am entitled to voice my opinion on such controversial issue.

However a quote by someone I consider one of the real Gedolei Torah, Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, caught my attention. I recall seeing a similar comment by the Rav in one of his writings though I cannot locate it now.

Nonetheless, he observes: "When people become more religiously observant, they are convinced they have a monopoly on the truth. Although they might care more passionately about certain issues, they are not particularly imbued with a sense of humility or self-criticism that is rooted in a full-fledged spiritual world. They are unprepared to hear what others have to say because they believe it might weaken their religious faith."

I could not have said it better.


  1. I will now be meKayem "Syag LeChochma - Shtika." :)

  2. Well said. Now all you have to do is sic Ed on me! :-)

  3. shtika kihodoah :-)

  4. >shtika kihodoah :-)

    Uh... that is why I left a comment. Otherwise you may think that I agree. :)

    (I do agree about 70% with the paragraphed quoted, much less with the rest of the interview which is the part I will be extremely silent about).