Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Scary and thought provoking -


An interesting opinion by a great man.


  1. never trust a game theorist. You never know if they are just playing the game

  2. Sad and scary. I tend to agree, but he is a bit glib with casualty numbers. In my eyes each Israeli soldier is precious.

  3. Jewishskeptic10/17/2006 7:00 PM

    Very reluctantly I can not but agree with Prof.Auman's analysis.
    I never really believed that the Jews have a chance in the long run agaist a sea of Arabs & hostile world.How can the state continue to exist with a 20% Arab hostile population & with many Jews,especially of the radical left,who identify & agree with the Arabs?
    Don't ask me why I made aliyah 6 yrs ago from a wealthy Western country,I have no logical answer.
    The same goes for 2 of my 3 children who live here with their families. I keep telling them to keep their passports updated,they might need them in a hurry.

    No doubt the long exile affected adversly the Jewish psyche as far as having their own state is concerned.
    There will never be permanent peace with the Arab world.Anyone who thinks otherwise is fooling himself.
    The only way Israel can survive is by letting know the enemy that the destruction of Israel will mean their own utter destruction.
    Israel must make sure that's it's not just bombastic words but that it possesses the means to carry it through.

  4. I read the distinguished professors words and think, unlike he does (in Mathematical models) in terms of historical processes.

    Israel is a young country, as countries go - still experiencing a kind of adolescence. With adolescence comes a period of "Identity Crisis" and a "Rebellion" to established traditions. Once weathered, there is every liklihood that the vast majority of the People of Israel who live in the Land of Israel will clarify their collective identity and with that clarity their reason for living in this place at this time!

    In retrospect historians will explain why this process was a natural possibly inevitable result of all kinds of factors. Simple Jews will understand that the 'hand' of HaShem was always with us! Moreover ALL the trials and tribulations were an intentional part of the process!

    We have nothing to fear except fear itself, and like my children teach me time after time, An eternal People are not afraid of a long journey!

  5. So here we have two Israelis with two opposite opinion.

    What a people!