Thursday, February 16, 2006

Godol does it again -

Godol just posted an excellent piece here . One can quibble about some of the details such as the speculation about how the Torah would be had Moshe lived at another time, but on the whole he has captured, in his inimitable own words, the broad strokes of what prophecy is. Yeyashar Kochacho.


  1. Thanks for the kind words. To be honest I have a sense about what happened but I can't quite figure it out, or put it into words. I'm not sure that there even exist words to describe it. The key issue I have is how much was mamash dictated by God, how much was intuited , and does it make any difference. Can you say Moshe made it up, but since he was inspired its ke-iylu God told him? Or is that kefirah?

  2. Normally prophets have to interpret their intuition Moshe did not. Prophets involve their own imagination in the process in addition to rational thought. Moshe, when he gave the laws did it totally without involving his other faculties. Rambam tells us that he did that way for everything that he wrote down. That is how I understand Kol ho'omer Moshe mipi atzmo ... is an apikorus, in other words he needed to interpret thereby involving himself. Now go figure! We will not know unless we experience it. We cannot so we are left with a picture that cannot be deciphered completely.

  3. but I can't quite figure it out, or put it into words.
    Godol, I know I've said this to you before, but let me mention it again. You really should read RAJHeschel's God in Search of Man if you haven't done so already. He has a very lyrical description of prophecy (which takes almost 100 pages) which might even be able to convince a mis-nagid.