Sunday, January 11, 2009

Taking Stock.

Time flies and it is now three years since I started this blog with 488 posts under my belt. As I am beginning my fourth year, it is time to take inventory and reflect. As my interests are more of the philosophic and kind of serious and heavy stuff, I am surprised that I have such a steady readership. Though there are not many comments, I get anywhere from 60 to 80 hits a day depending on the subject I post. Considering the subject is not of the populist genre and I do not write in a way that elicits argumentation it is an accomplishment.

I personally get tremendous benefits from writing. I have learned a lot while preparing for a post and it gives me an opportunity to clarify and organize my ideas. It compels me to read carefully the sources, think about the things I learn and really follow the thread of thought to its end. It is only when one transmits an idea to others that one goes to such length otherwise we tend to fool ourselves. I imagine that this was the impetus for so many Sefarim written over the generations.

Every so often, I get a comment or an email from a reader that makes the whole enterprise priceless. To know that I have helped somebody reset their thinking and put that person on a path that speaks to him or her about Torah and our religion is exhilarating. As someone who has struggled with these issues for a lifetime, sharing some of the insights and knowing that they hit a chord with someone else is extremely gratifying and gives me further Chizuk.

I am also interested to hear from you on what issues you want me to address in the future, which subjects were more relevant to you and where I have gone too far into the esoteric.

I hope to continue writing for a long time and thank the readers who give me the opportunity to learn better.


  1. I think you meant "priceless" not "valueless" which would seemingly be the very opposite of your intention....

    Keep up the good work ad meah v'esrim.

  2. Thank you. I knew it was wrong but could not put my finger on it.