Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ethan Dor - Shav on Iyov in Azure.

I just read this fabulous article on Iyov. My subscription was worth it if only for this. Highly recommended and worth the time. Don't miss the notes. Fabulous.


  1. Should spread this post around the blogosphere.

    well the link anyways.

  2. Wow. Really impressive article.

    BTW, Rabbi Chait has a series of shiurim in which he goes through the arguments one by one, and develops a similar framework while focusing more on the detailed exchanges among the characters. It is worthwhile ordering the tapes or CDs from Yeshiva Bnei Torah.

  3. Coincidentally, I just read Rav Soloveichik's Kol Dodi Dofeik, the lyrical version of the same theme.

  4. I just read the Azure article and thought it was amazing. I've been looking around for reactions on it in the J-blogosphere, but the lack of reviews on it is a bit disappointing. Glad to see that some other people saw it and liked it!