Tuesday, July 11, 2006

What to do about the Washington Post -Al Ta'amod al Dam Re'eycha - Write and protest

I received this email and please follow the instructions to protest the Washington Posts anti Israel bias.


We have set forth two recent Alerts below. Before we get to those, however, we want to tell you another reason why the anti-Israel bias of the Washington Post is so important, not only to readers of the Post in Washington, DC, but also in many cities worldwide. The distribution of the Washington Post brings home the famous quote of Sir Winston Churchill that “a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.” Despite your distance, the Washington Post is in your neighborhood, not only on your news stands but also in your home town newspapers. It influences your friends and associates with a distorted picture of what is taking place between Israel and the Palestinians. The Washington Post has its own wire/news service, and its articles, complete with reporters' bylines, appear in a huge number of newspapers around the country and around the world. That means that each and every time the Post's correspondent in Israel, Scott Wilson, writes an article that emphasizes or sympathizes with the Palestinian side of the dispute, falsely depicts Israel as aggressive and brutal, repeats without question lies told to him by Palestinian sources, buries or hides important facts, uses terminology to soften the image of terrorists, or fails to supply important context to enable readers to understand the conflict, his articles may appear verbatim in a newspaper local to you. The following 62 news outlets have each republished complete articles by Washington Post reporters within the last several weeks, and this is just a partial list:

MSNBCNewsdayThe Iran Focus (Iran)The China Post (Taiwan)Europa Concorsi (Italy)Hamilton Spectator (Canada)Boston Globe (Massachusetts)New York Sun (New York)Chicago Tribune (Illinois)Pittsburgh Post Gazette (Pennsylvania)Concord Monitor (New Hampshire)Nashua Telegraph (New Hampshire)Lexington Herald-Leader (Kentucky) Knoxville News Sentinel (Tennessee)The Commercial Appeal (Tennessee)Austin American Statesman (Texas)Dallas Morning News (Texas)Houston Chronicle (Texas)The Eagle (Texas)Fort Worth Star Telegram (Texas)Kilgore News Herald (Texas)Contra Costa Times (California)San Jose Mercury News (California)The Oakland Tribune (California)Alameda Times-Star (California)The Argus (California)The Daily Review (California)San Mateo County Times (California)Tri-Valley Herald (California)The San Diego Union Tribune (California)Monterey County Herald (California)Myrtle Beach Sun News (South Carolina)Charleston Post and Courier (South Carolina)Wilmington Morning Star (North Carolina)Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Arkansas)Kansas City Star (Missouri)The Canton Repository (Ohio)The Register-Guard (Oregon)Buffalo News (New York)Hartford Courant (Connecticut)Denver Post (Colorado)Pioneer Press (Minnesota)Duluth News Tribune (Minnesota)The Record (New Jersey)Herald News (New Jersey)Newark Star Ledger (New Jersey)Salt Lake Tribune (Utah)Fort Wayne Journal Gazette (Indiana)Fort Wayne News Sentinel (Indiana)Indianapolis Star (Indiana)Las Cruces Sun-News (New Mexico)The Casper Star Tribune (Wyoming)Hutchinson News (Kansas)Seattle Times (Washington)The Daily Herald (Washington)The Olympian (Washington)Portland Press Herald (Maine)Maine Sunday Telegram (Maine)Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Florida)Tampa Tribune (Florida)Miami Herald (Florida)The Ledger (Florida)

As you can see, no location is safe from the impact of a news outlet such as the Washington Post that is both influential and at the same time distorts the news to fit its own agenda on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Please disseminate these alerts to as many people as you know who are concerned about the damage being done to Israel's image by a biased press.
Saturday, July 8, 2006(click here to read this alert online)
The Post Emphasizes Only One Side Of The Fighting, Palestinian Injuries Death And Property Damage From Israeli Tanks and Missiles - Downplays and Ignores The Continuing Stream Of Terrorist Attacks On Israel That Forced Israel To Re-Enter Gaza
Ever since Israeli troops were provoked into re-entering Gaza, first by months of almost daily bombardment of Israeli cities by the terrorists within Gaza and then triggered by the terrorist infiltration into Israel and kidnapping of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, the Post's correspondent, Scott Wilson, has placed himself in Gaza among the Palestinians. He isn't trapped there.
"No, I don't feel trapped, although Gaza is a small, crowded place and when fighting starts here (even on small scales) it can be frightening. I, of course, can leave - whether to get medical attention or if I feel the situation is too dangerous." (Online Transcript of Scott Wilson Interview, 6-28-06)
(click here to read the balance of this Alert online)
Tuesday, July 4, 2006(click here to read this alert online)
Washington Post Views And Reports Israel's Struggle Against Terrorism Through the Prism of Moral Equivalence - Equates Infiltration and Seizure of Israeli Soldier to Arrests and Imprisonment of Terrorists and Accomplices - Says Kidnapping of Israeli Soldier Provides Hope to Families of Jailed Terrorists - Seeks To Shed Doubt On Israel's Sincerity In Saying Gaza Offensive's Primary Purpose Is To Recover Kidnapped Soldier
An article today by the Post's Scott Wilson demonstrates the distorted perspective of moral equivalence that permeates much of Mr. Wilson's reporting. (In Gaza, Not Just a Soldier -- or Prisoner, Corporal's Capture Emboldens Israel's Bid to Weaken Hamas, Palestinians' Pleas for Detainee Releases, 7-4-06, A09) Mr. Wilson harbors the bankrupt notion that Arabs and Israelis, terrorists and soldiers, aggression and defense all are morally equivalent, and he often injects this opinion into his writing.
(click here to read the balance of this Alert online)
These alerts are distributed to many thousands of people both within and outside of the Washington Post's immediate print distribution area. The Post is proud of its reputation worldwide as a leading news source and will not make an effort to improve its reporting about Israel unless it knows that its reputation is in danger. You can help us by spreading the word of the Post's effort to slant the news about events in Israel and the disputed territories and by continuing to forward our Alerts to as many people as you know who are interested in seeing that Israel is treated fairly by the press.
You are welcome to provide the Post with your opinion of the quality of its reporting about Israel. In doing so, please do not copy our "Alerts" or even portions of our "Alerts," because we often share our analyses with the Post, and the language will be recognized. Even if you send only a two or three sentence original expression of your opinion to the Post, it will count. Be polite and be temperate in your letters so that you will not give The Post an easy excuse to ignore you.

Letters can be sent to: Bo Jones, Publisher & Chief Executive Officer, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, DC, 20071 (email: JonesB@washpost.com). Donald Graham, Chairman, same street address (email: GrahamD@washpost.com). Leonard Downie, Executive Editor, same street address (email address: DownieL@washpost.com)Philip Bennett, Managing Editor, same street address (email address BennettP@washpost.com)David Hoffman, Assistant Managing Editor for Foreign News , same street address (email address HoffmanD@washpost.com)
Keith Richburg, Foreign Editor, same street address (email address: RichburgK@washpost.com)
Deborah Howell, ombudsman, same street address (email address: ombudsman@washpost.com)Please BCC feedback@eyeonthepost.org with your letters and email.

We have limited resources and need your help to continue our operations. If you believe we are performing a valuable service, please make a contribution by credit card online at http://www.EyeOnThePost.org/funding.html or send your check to:EyeOnThePost, Inc.Carol Greenwald, Treasurer5600 Wisconsin AveChevy Chase, Maryland 20815If you'd like to work with us, we can use your help, so please write to us at feedback@eyeonthepost.org.For further information, please call 301-468-2726, or visit our web site.Robert G. SametChairmanEyeOnThePost, Inc.http://www.EyeOnThePost.org


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