Friday, June 16, 2006

Hakirah Vol 3 is now back from the printers and available for distribution.

Hakirah Volume 3 has just been delivered from the printer and is ready for distribution. Make sure you have subscribed at . It is a well worthwhile issue with great articles.
My own preferences are the following;

A Y2K Solution to the Chronology Problem - I believe that the article gives the definite solution to the missing 166 years. It explains what compelled Chazal to tamper with the dates twice and how they also made sure that Halachik issues such as Shemita and Yovel was not affected. It also explains some difficult Gemarot that now suddenly are as clear as day.

Dr. Sprecher's Metzizah Be-Peh - that article was released on line earlier this month and has already started to make an impact in the community.

Rabbi Professor Avraham Lifshitz article on the Ohr Hachaim's attacks on Ibn Ezra's interpretation in Chumash shows how Ibn Ezra had strong support in sources for his position.

Rabbi Benny Buchman's article on the Eiruv of the Rambam fleshes out very succinctly how different Rambam understands Eiruv as compared to the other Rishonim. It is surprising how different their basic concept was, the reasons for the Takannah and the ramifications leMa'aseh.

Heshey Zelcer shows that wherever Rabbis had difficulty canonizing a sefer in Tanach they increased noticeably the derashot for that Sefer.

Rabbi Brody's research has uncovered a completely new meaning to the acronym A'H (Alav Hashalom).

I have not had a chance to read the other articles yet (yes editors do not necessarily read all articles before publication - there just is not enough time) but I did get a synopsis from my colleagues and they are very exciting and novel.

And of course how could I forget my own article. It is a continuation of my reading of nevuah in Rambam.

I had to get this in before my trip. This is it though.

Have a Good Shabbos.


  1. "halachik" is meaningless. The adjective is "halachic". "-ic" is an English suffix, not a Yiddish one.

  2. >ic" is an English suffix, not a Yiddish one.

    Every so often I forget myself and think in Yddish translating to english:-)

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the article on the 166 years thing. I'm skeptical, but it sounds interesting.