Sunday, March 19, 2006

Admor John Paul

On CNN today:
ROME, Italy (Reuters) -- Last year, Monsignor Slawomir Oder opened one of the many letters he receives from people who think Pope John Paul should be declared a saint.
He felt a strange sensation. This letter was different.

That is what is said about Rebbes too!

In it, a French nun said she had been suffering from a precocious form of Parkinson's disease but that the symptoms disappeared after she prayed to John Paul for nine days.
"The letter was very simple and delicate, not triumphal," Oder recalled in his cluttered office in the Basilica of St. John Lateran as the Vatican prepares to commemorate the first anniversary of John Paul's death on April 2.
"The way she described what happened was humble, not demanding. She did not say 'I have been cured by a miracle.'"
The softly spoken 46-year-old Oder, who is in charge of promoting the sainthood case for the late Pope for the diocese of Rome, went to France to see the nun and talk to her doctors.
"I am encouraged because from the medical charts and medical history, we so far have not found a human explanation," he said.
John Paul suffered from Parkinson's disease in his last decade. He trembled violently and could not pronounce his words or control his facial muscles. In the end, his throat was so ravaged that he needed tubes for air and food.

Ein Ossir motzy atzmo mibeis hassurim - Lomdos too!

An initial probe by doctors and Catholic Church investigators did not find a rational medical explanation for the cure. Investigators will now start a more formal and detailed inquiry of the suspected miracle cure.

The point of this is to clarify where we get the stories about Tzadikkim and their supposed miracles. It has now become become de rigueur in Yeshivish hagiography about Gedolim such as Chazon Ish et al. It is clearly outside influence. One can be an Oved Hashem only if one can perform miracles.

It is plain and simple Kefirah. Those are the books that should be banned!


  1. It is plain and simple Kefirah

    You are labeling way too many good Jews kofrim. You can disagree but try using more gentle language.

  2. I was talking about the books not the readers C.V.